George and Sena Houtman Memorial Scholarship

George and Sena Houtman had a lifelong commitment to and interest in young people and quality education. Their home was open to students, often far from home, who needed a listening ear. George and Sena retired to Rehoboth, NM, and were active volunteers for 30 years in the Rehoboth Community, including the church, hospital and school. This scholarship was established in their memory to provide graduates of Rehoboth Christian School in Rehoboth, NM, the opportunity of a Christ-centered education at Calvin University.

Basic criteria:

  • entering freshman year
  • graduate of Rehoboth Christian School in Rehoboth, NM
  • financial need is considered

Renewal criteria: This scholarship is automatically renewable if the recipient is making satisfactory academic progress (sophomore year only). Renewal is subject to funding availability.

Philip and Marie Huizenga