James and Catherine Haveman Family Scholarship

In appreciation for what Calvin has done in the past and the impact that Calvin will continue to have in the future, the James and Catherine Haveman family established this scholarship to assist students who have financial need to obtain a Christian college education. Mr. Haveman was one of the three architects involved in developing the buildings of Calvin’s Knollcrest campus according to the master plan. Mrs. Catherine Haveman was an elementary education teacher for several years.

Basic criteria:

  • entering freshman year
  • cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher
  • have demonstrated financial need. Scholarships will be awarded to those who need the scholarship to finance their education.
  • if the above criteria are met, preference will be given to students planning to pursue a program in primary education, social work or engineering

Renewal criteria: This scholarship is automatically renewable if the recipient is making satisfactory academic progress and is continuing to pursue a program in primary education, social work, or engineering (sophomore year only). Renewal is subject to funding availability.

James and Catherine Haveman
Education, Engineering, Sociology and Social Work