Robin Jensen "Jaunting" Scholarship for Off Campus Short Term Programs

The scholarship is being given by a Calvin alumni from the ‘80s in honor of art professor Robin Jensen because of his amazing and life changing interim trips as a student. Robin coined the term “jaunting” to describe his artistic adventures, journeys on which he invited students to join him. He also used “jaunt” to describe all of the projects he assigned to his art students. Robin helped open the eyes of so many students to different cultures and situations through the bicycle interim trips that he led. It is the scholarships’ goal to make travel to third world countries or trips that provide an experience of different cultures to Calvin students more accessible to all students at Calvin.

Basic criteria:

  • entering sophomore, junior, or senior year
  • planning to participate in a short term off-campus program
  • financial need is considered
  • first preference is to a 3rd world country

Renewal criteria: Students who wish to be considered for renewal must file a new application each year and will be given equal consideration with other candidates.

May Term/Summer Intensives, Off-campus