Dr. Vincent P., Jr. and Alida W. Miller Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Dr. Vincent P. and Alida W. Miller of Indiana, PA in support of students majoring or minoring in Global Development Studies for their off-campus semester. Dr. and Mrs. Miller have long been involved in issues relative to a Christian approach to Global South development. It is their expressed belief that missionary activity should carefully consider the need to aid not only the spiritual but also the material condition of people according to Biblical commandments. They are happy to offer support to a university curriculum that expressly seeks to do so.

Basic criteria:

  • entering sophomore, junior, or senior year
  • planning to major or minor in global development studies
  • enrolled in an off-campus semester program
  • sensitive to cultural diversity
  • financial need is not required
  • preference will be given to applicants with a basic understanding of geographic theories of economic development

Renewal criteria: This scholarship is not renewable.

Vincent and Alida Miller
Global Development Studies
Supplemental Questions
  1. What geography courses have you taken or do you plan to take?
  2. What is your anticipated off-campus program?
  3. Describe your experiences and interest in cultural diversity.