Elmer and Marie Van Beek Family Scholarship

Marie Van Beek established this scholarship in loving memory of her husband, Elmer, and in honor of their three children, all alumni of Calvin. Elmer began his studies at Calvin, but then voluntarily enlisted with the Army Air Corps during World War II. Upon his return, he completed his studies in electrical engineering at the University of Michigan, under the Government Issue Bill. He worked as a faithful servant of Christ in his home, church, business and community. The Van Beeks have a special heart for the needs of students with physical challenges, unique learning styles, and cultural adjustments. For this reason, it is their desire that this scholarship will be an encouragement to those students who need special accommodations to ensure their educational success.

Basic criteria:

  • entering junior or senior year
  • majoring in engineering
  • have a physical challenge or learning disability and be actively involved in the Student Academic Services program at Calvin or have special needs/challenges due to cultural adjustments
  • financial need is considered

Renewal criteria: Students who wish to be considered for renewal must file a new application each year and will be given equal consideration with other candidates.

Marie Van Beek
Disabilty, Engineering