Edna Greenway Scholarship

Dr. Edna Greenway has taught students from elementary school through seminary to speak and love the Spanish language. The Spanish Department has honored her with an endowed scholarship so that future generations of students will benefit from her Reformed Christian perspective on teaching and learning, even after she has retired. This scholarship encourages students to reflect on and articulate the importance of the integration of faith in their own lives and careers.

Basic criteria:

  • entering junior or senior year
  • cumulative GPA of 3.30 or higher
  • Spanish education major
  • applicants must submit an essay of 300-500 words answering the question “How will you integrate your faith into teaching Spanish?”
  • applicants will provide some type of recommendation attesting to his/her integration of faith in life
  • financial need is not required

Renewal criteria: This scholarship is not renewable.

Edna Greenway Scholarship
Education, Spanish
Supplemental Questions
  1. Integrating faith into teaching Spanish: How does your Christian faith and worldview affect how you view the student, your role in the classroom, your view of the content area (Spanish language and culture) and your view of classroom management?