Wallace and Marianne Bratt German Interim Abroad Scholarship

For nearly 40 years it has been the repeated, grateful witness of both graduates and current students that the German interim abroad was one of the most significant educational experiences they had while at Calvin. Recognizing the educational value of the interim, the German department has worked hard to keep the German interim abroad affordable for all students. In recent years, however, as the cost of a Calvin education has steadily risen, a significant number of students who would otherwise qualify for participation in the German interim abroad have nonetheless been unable to do so for financial reasons. This scholarship has been instituted to help make it possible for worthy students with promise, seriousness of purpose, and demonstrated need to participate in future German interim abroad sessions in Germany.

Basic criteria:

  • entering sophomore, junior or senior year
  • normally, have a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher
  • financial need is considered
  • if the above criteria are met, personal and intellectual maturity, seriousness of purpose as demonstrated in academic work, interest in things German, and participation in extra-curricular activities of the German Department may also be considered

Renewal criteria: This scholarship is not renewable.

Wallace and Marianne Bratt and Friends of the German Interim Program
Supplemental Questions
  1. Describe your participation in the German learning community at Calvin College and how your participation on the German interim will enhance your broader personal, educational and professional objectives.
  2. I regularly participate in the following German events (check all that apply):