John Miller Scholarship

Mr. John Miller, the youngest of eight children, was born on October 22, 1901, on his father’s 60th birthday. Mr. Miller was a lifetime member of the Midland Park CRC, where he was an organist from 1920-1950. Later he directed Paterson’s Cathedral Choir for many years. He loved oratorio and opera. Mr. Miller supported the donor in his love for theatre and music and assisted him financially while at Calvin.

Basic criteria:

  • entering junior or senior year
  • cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher
  • a communication arts and science major and demonstrate excellence in theatrical ability
  • financial need is considered

Renewal criteria: Students who wish to be considered for renewal must file a new application each year and will be given equal consideration with other candidates.

John Miller Scholarship
Communication Arts and Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. Describe your theatrical ability both academically and in performance.