Judith Vroon Vander Zee Music Education Scholarship

In memory of Judith Vroon Vander Zee, family and friends established this scholarship to keep alive her musical excellence and service to God and others. She was an extremely gifted vocalist, pianist, and teacher who used her gifts always to the glory of God. Her 18 year battle with multiple sclerosis made it impossible for her to use her gifts of music as much as she would have liked during her illness, but she continued to be a guiding light of encouragement to others.

Basic criteria:

  • entering junior or senior year
  • cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher
  • pursuing a degree in music education
  • financial need is considered
  • also considered (if all the above requirements are met): the student should demonstrate a strong Christian commitment

Renewal criteria: Students who wish to be considered for renewal must file a new application each year and will be given equal consideration with other candidates.

Judith Vroon Vander Zee Music Education Scholarship