Jeffery and Michelle Boertje Scripps

Jeffery and Michelle Boertje Scripps

This scholarship is established by Michelle Boertje Scripps to honor four generations of family members who are closely connected to Calvin College, including

• her great-grandfather, Ralph Stob, gifted professor of classical languages and Calvin College president from 1933-1939.
• her grandfather, the Rev. Paul Boertje (class of ’42), graduate of both Calvin College and Seminary and her grandmother, Lois (Stob) Boertje (’42), daughter of Ralph Stob, majored in history and English.
• Michelle’s father, David Boertje (’69), graduated from Calvin with a physics degree and her mother, Linda, with a degree in science studies;
• Michelle (’03) has a degree in classics, and her husband, Jeff (’01), graduated with a religion major before going on to Calvin Seminary.

When David Boertje died unexpectedly at the age of 57, Michelle decided to establish this scholarship to honor him and the family’s ties to Calvin College.

Because several in her family valued Latin as important for understanding the English language and the roots of much of our culture, learning, and religious heritage, it is the goal of this scholarship to encourage students to consider and prepare for a career in teaching Latin.