A.M.D.G. Architects, Inc.

A.M.D.G. Architects, Inc.

AMDG is a full-service architecture firm dedicated to understanding, serving, and advancing your mission by shaping your environment.

AMDG began as a partnership – four architects wrestling with how to bring greater purpose to their practice. At the time, three of them were University of Michigan Architecture School students. Calvin Jen, who founded the firm in 1992, was their professor.

Before having a single client, the four already agreed on a name—an acronym rooted in the Latin phrase Ad majorem Dei gloriam (To the greater glory of God). Not just a name, AMDG was a belief that design should serve more than the architect. By honoring our Creator, design is elevated to its highest potential and becomes more capable of serving people.

Two years after founding the firm, Cal moved AMDG from Ann Arbor to his hometown of Grand Rapids. Peter Baldwin, one of the original four, reunited with his professor, joining in 1997. The two quickly picked up on where they left off, innovating their approach to design and business. One example is encouraging employees to use their talents across multiple roles rather than strictly adhering to one. AMDG also found more engaging ways to involve clients in the design process.

With three distinct studios, and more than two dozen employees, AMDG continues to put client needs first. Spanning residential, education, healthcare, office, sports and fitness, AMDG is today what three students and their professor envisioned years ago: a testament to the glory of God.

A.M.D.G. Architects, Inc. established this scholarship in an attempt to assist a promising student in the field of architecture. More specifically, this scholarship is an attempt to continue the diversification of both Calvin College and the architecture field.